Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Went to church this morning. We had a missionary and his wife from India through Sunday School. The message was a great message. Told us that America had changed in the last 3 years and we need to stay strong as Christians. Soon we may be without our freedom of religion.

My son and his wife gave me a necklace, ear rings, and bracelet. My daughter-in-law made them. They also gave me an orchid and card. My other daughter-in-law sent me a card. My daughter wanted to come out today but poor little Carlie is running 102 temp. We went ahead and stopped at the local cafe and ate breakfast before coming home. Later my step-dad came out to our house. I made some strawberries with sugar; and served with angel food cake. He left at 5:30. We had a lazy day watching old westerns. I had a wonderful Mother's Day.

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