Friday, May 29, 2009

Visited with my daughter

I went into Wichita today and met my daughter. We went to Walgreen's, garage sales, and ate lunch. We had a good time visiting. I forgot all about the walk for cancer!! My husband called me at 15 till 6 and asked where I was. I told him I was at Web and 54. He said he was going on to the school. I told him I would feed the dogs and then be up there.

I bought 5 raffle tickets and won a shirt within 15 minutes!! I just gave them all the money I had in my wallet $12 and bought more raffle tickets. I am not usually that lucky. I told them I was getting ready to leave. She said just put my phone number on the back. It is for a good cause.

I am really tired tonight but yet here I sit on the computer! Bill my step-dad did not call and let us know if he made it to Mo. I guess he did. Sometimes I call him but didn't this time. I have no idea when he will be coming home. My husband got my step-dad's lawn mowed, yard trimmed, and spread that dirt though out the yard. He said there was a lot of trash in that dirt. My step-dad can do some of the most stupid things at times. He does a lot of things just to get attention from the neighbors. I guess everyone does things like that when they get older??

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