Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's go for it !!

In 2004 I finally had enough! My husband took off and went to Nebraska and left me home with the 2 miniature horses, burro, Sam (big horse), dogs, and cats. He went to his son's (my step-son) for 3 days. We have not been able to go on vacation since we got the miniature horses. I pointed that out to him when he bought them... but that did not matter to him at the time. He could not have gone if he did not left me at home to take care of the animals.

While he was gone we had a storm. Around midnight I sat in this double wide with the wind blowing 100 miles an hour. It was hailing so hard that it actually put holes in our guttering for the first time in 22 years. The hail was hitting so hard that I thought it was going to break every window!! When the wind blows a double wide the house kind of shakes. The car was not in the garage and I could not move it in the garage. How it was not hail damaged had to have been a work of God. Many times the electric goes off with weather like that. He should have come home that night but he stayed one night longer.

Needless to say I was pretty upset!! We went to eat at a local cafe the evening that he got home. As we were sitting there we were both giving each other looks that could kill each other!! He had his way and now things were to continue as before. The next day our son called me and said that his dad had come to see him and told him that he was thinking about getting a divorce!! My son thought it was funny and said he was trying to talk his dad out of getting a divorce. Here is a man that I caught with another woman when my son was 3 years old and he is going to divorce me.

My husband was in his recliner sitting smug and stubborn... both of us still angry! When my son called me and told me that.. it was just too much! I went into the living room and I told him what our son said. His answer was... "Yes, I am thinking about it!" My answer to him knocked him for a loop. I told him... "Let's go for it! I am sick of this relationship! We will have an auction sale and split everything down the middle." His answer was that he was not going to have an auction sale because he worked his butt off for everything around here. I told him that I had worked too, not just him. He said he was not leaving! I asked him what he thought he was going to do... just sit here and keep everything?? I told him that in the state of Kansas a woman gets half... and while I was at it I would take half of his retirement also! He did not like that either because he was not going to leave and I could get the divorce. Then I told him... "Okay, I will tell you what we will do. We will both live here. You can have your horses and I can have my dogs. You can come and go as you please and do what ever you want to do. I will also come and go as I please. We can live as room mates because that is the way we are living now!" He did not like the idea of me coming and going as I well pleased. He then started telling me that he always wanted me to go with him and etc. (Shaking my head.)

My husband has changed since that day. I really do believe that if I had let him walk the first time he pulled that... life would have been better for us... or apart. Trusting in the Lord to take care of my tomorrows. Because of the situations that I have lived through in my life; they have taught me to have strength. My strength comes from the Lord. Trusting Him.. not myself or others. Letting Him lead and guide me through life trials. What ever the Lord brings me too... He will lead me through.

All the trials that I have gone through in my marriage was worth it all. I have a 32 year old son that is a minister. All of my children and grandchildren are Christians. What more could I ask for in life. Life here is just a moment compared to Eternity.

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JOHN said...

Good entry.Andd God was with you. And niw lolok at the Blessings.Your son is a Minister.I bet he preaches with hus whole heart. For me and mY household shall be saved.No one ever said it was going to be easy.But it sure worth it when all is said and Stoip by soon.done.God Bless You for Sharing that