Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I almost died twice before the age of 4 years old

When I was about 6 months old my mother poisoned me with her milk. She got a job and wasn't going to breast feed me anymore. One night she let me nurse. I was burning up with fever. The doctor said if they gave me one drop of milk it would kill me. My mother and father was living with my Granny. Mom said she begged Granny to get me well. My Granny feed me nothing but the water off of soaked toast. I know that was not the plan of God, for me to die. I am sure that my Granny did a lot of praying.

Right before I turned 4 I got scarlet fever. Mom and daddy had been living in California at the time. We lived in a trailer court. Uncle Dink and Aunt Wanetta came also. Everyone was working. Granny came to California and took me back to Kansas with her. I would go any where with my Granny. Soon after she got me back to Kansas I got scarlet fever. I can barely remember. I remember when mom came back to Kansas that I fell in the floor when running to meet her. Granny said I could not walk and almost had to learn to walk all over again. My 7th grade principle told me that he lost his daughter (same age as me) with scarlet fever. I am sure that I would have died if Granny had not taken me home with her.

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