Sunday, May 10, 2009

On old computer!!

Well there isn't any way that I can be making comments on any journals right now. :( I am on my old computer. Need to take my new one in and get it fixed even if I have to pay to get it done! I am not that smart when it comes to computers. This old computer is soooo slow!!!

Back when I was growing up my family didn't go to church. Once in a while I would go to church with the neighbors across the field. I remember this little girl that I went to school with in the second grade spent the night with me. She had a little gold pin that was attached to her slip with a safety pin. She was Catholic. I really liked the little pin. She explained to me that it was to protect her. lol She gave me her pin because she said she had another one. :) I wore that little pin on my slip for a long time.

My Granny was always singing... most of the songs she sang was gospel. I think just about everyone that was related to my Granny loved to sing. When I got older my Granny would want me to sing with her. She wanted me to sing lead and then she would harmanize with me. haha! I can still hear her saying... Janie Marie you are singing with me!! When I was 12 we moved to Oklahoma where she lived. One time she got me up in church to sing with her. Oh my!! Again she said... Janie Marie you are singing with me. What a treat it would be to sing with her now. I think I could sing lead now. lol

For years I would sit and sing with my records. I would sit for hours singing. I was an only child and didn't have that many friends. My dad would sing with me when we drove to my Grandma's. I had all them books that had the words to the songs in them. My mother would just sit the whole time we were singing.

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