Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mentally drained

My step-dad stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks. I was there twice a day. Two 60 mile trips a day. Then he went into the nursing home for another 2 weeks. I was there 2 times a day also. Within 1 month I lost 8 pounds. It is hard for me to loose weight. I was so stressed and my blood pressure started going up. The Lord has taught me a lot through my step-dad. I finally had to just let go of things to be able to be healthy myself. He was stressing me out something terrible.

There were a lot of other things that I had to let go of also. How my mother passed away and what caused it. My daughter told the hospital that they could do an autopsy but my step-dad was saying no! In not a very nice way. There are things that I wonder about; but have let go of them. Yesterday is gone and I can not change anything.

I knew what he was thinking when my mother passed away. He thought that he could start life over again. He had been secretly calling his daughter and even talking to his ex-wife a year and half before my mother passed away. He was calling her with a calling card. His daughter had not talked to him for years and did not call him dad. She even told him that he was not her dad... her step-dad was. He ended up with $27,000 missing. His daughter called him and said she wanted money for a new house. She told him if she didn't get the money that she would never talk to him again. This was after he made a trip to see her in Washington D.C. I am proud to say that I do not owe my step-dad anything. In fact he owes me. I like it that way. I am just not a greedy person.

He told me one time that he would let me sign my mother's name on the deed of the house so he could sell it. I don't think so!!! I could care less about the house or anything that is in the house. I don't owe him anything and he does not owe me anything. I did get upset because he would not let me have my mother's boots. He wanted to give them to his niece; no relation to my mother. He finally said I could have them. I did not want the boots after he got mad because I was going to take them. They are still in the closet in the box that they came in. I have not taken one thing from the house. He told me this year that he wanted to put the house in my name too. I told him the truth... there is no way that I will pay the payment of over $500 a month and then his daughter walk in and take half. She can pay the payments. What ever happens just happens.

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