Sunday, May 10, 2009

Really up too late!!

We moved back to the town where my Granny lived when I was in the 9th grade. I graduated from that school. They had a contest that summer before I went into the 9th grade. My Granny's sister's daughter... Jane Ellen played the piano. So Aunt Mavis and Jane Ellen decided that Lynette (7 years old) and I would enter the contest. haha! Lynette sang a Elvis song and I sang the old Johnny Ray song... "Just Walkin In The Rain". I remember my cousin saying that her fingers might not work... and I might be walkin' in the rain!! lol My dad was pretty easy going but he was very upset that I was going to enter the contest. He said that I was going to make a fool of myself. Years later I realized that my dad was more than likely thinking about me singing in night clubs and etc. Being in the wild life?? I took 3rd place, the school band boys took first, and the banker's daughter took 2nd doing a dance. Her music stopped while she was dancing but she finished her dance without the music. lol

I hated music class in school. I could never sing with the other girls because I was a low singer. Maybe if I had gone to music I would have learned to harmonize or something?? When singing with a group I have to sing with the men... tenor.. I guess?? I use to sing in the gym after gym class for the girls. I would take my song books and they would want me to sing. We would have about a 10 or 15 minute break after gym. The gym teacher use to let me sing?? My mom found out that I was singing because she worked at the local drugstore with some older girls. The girls that worked at the drug store told my mom that the science teacher use to let them sit there and listen to me sing. I did not know that until later years. lol My mom's boss was so funny. He was a pharmacist and he would have me come to the back of the drugstore and sing a song over his microphone. I was always so nervous doing that. lol

I never sang anywhere for years but continued to sing with my records. I loved to sing.

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