Tuesday, May 26, 2009

He knew me well enough to know better

True to my word we did not talk about things like again about my mother. I will not go there!! I am the only child that my mother had and he was not going to ruin my relationship with my mother.

I looked back over the last year that she was alive and wonder if he treated her mean. I know that she told me that he had not talked to her for 3 days one time. When my daughter would go into her house, my mother would tell her... "You see that house over there (looking out her kitchen window while sitting at the table) if I was well enough I would rent that house." The past can not be changed. We have to move on or the past will consume us with grief. The Lord told us that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. What we have is today. We should try to make the best of today. Things that we say can not really be taken back. Many times we look back at our lives and wish we could do things different... but we can not!! We can make today better. I feel like it is never too late to start over again. Confess our sins and move on to be a better person. I feel like that many nervous break downs are caused by not letting go of the past. I look back over my life and wonder why I did some of the things that I did. I think to myself... "Was I that stupid??!!" All I can do is pray for the Lord to forgive me of the choices that I made in life and to help me to become a better person. If the Lord can forgive me then I should forget the past and move on.

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