Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Met Catholic Sister when 3 years old

Mom and daddy moved to Colorado when I was 3 years old. Everyone came out to Colorado to work. My Granny once again came to Colorado and got me. lol We rode home on the bus. I was asleep when the Catholic sister got on the bus. When I woke up and saw the Catholic sister; I told my Granny that she was one of God's angels and that was my Jesus on a Bible she had on her lap. The Catholic sister was real impressed with what I said. She asked Granny for my name and address. For 6 years this Catholic sister sent me coloring books, books, pamphlets, and many other things in the mail. She would write to me and my mom would read the letters to me. My mom wrote her back for 6 years. When we moved to Oklahoma my mother said that she did not tell the Catholic sister that we were moving. She said she was getting kind of tired of writing to her. I still have many of the things that she mailed me in a doll suitcase.

This Catholic sister was an English Professor in Wichita, Kansas. She was from around Nowatta, Oklahoma. When I was in the 7th grade we heard that a Catholic sister got killed in a car wreck; and we thought it was her. Something very strange happened in the 1982. I moved in the Wichita area in 1975. Since I thought that Sister Margret Treas had been killed in a car wreck I did not try to look her up.

One day my mother called me and said that something kind of strange happened in the cafe where she worked. It was lunch time and normally they were really busy!! This black Catholic sister came in. Mom said she just looked kind of radiant. Something different about her. When the Catholic sister went to pay my mom mentioned that she had known a Catholic sister that wrote to me for 6 years. They talked for about 30 minutes. The Catholic sister told her to tell me that Sister Margret Treas was still praying for me. I also thought it kind of weird so I got on the phone and started checking. Only one Catholic sister knew her. She was in Wichita in 1979. The Catholic sister sounded kind of strange... very hesitant to talk to me. In my mind I will always believe that she passed away around that time.

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