Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tired this evening

I feel like making an entry but yet my heart is just not in it. Going to decorate Saturday turned out well. The weather was fantastic and traffic was great. The 7 headstone saddles, 13 flower pots, and 2 hanging baskets looked good. For the last 3 years I have made headstone saddles for my mother, dad, and grandparents. I had not made any for my husband's mother or grandparents. His sister is kind of picky and I was scared that she would not like them. My husband told me to make what I wanted. I made one for his mother and another for his grandparents. His brothers told me how pretty they were. I am glad that I made them.

I have decorated since loosing my mother. She use to do all the decorating. I am sure that she thought that I would not decorate after she was gone. I really do enjoy making each one. As I stand and make the flower arrangements .... many thoughts go through my mind of that special person. It gives me time to realize what a joy they were in my life. The flower arrangements that I made for 2 of my uncles... were the only thing that they received.

I remember one of them bringing me milk for my 2 small children when I was single and struggling to make ends meet. I would come home to find a gallon of milk sitting on my porch. It was winter time. The other uncle bought me silly little items when I was growing up.

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