Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day before Mother's Day

Today I was getting ready for Mother's Day tomorrow. I vacuumed the whole house. I wanted to do some dusting in case some of the kids came to the house. Not that they would mind... just wanted it to look half way good.

My step-dad called and said that he had cooked some beans with ham and wanted to know if we wanted to eat with him. Hmmm I did not want to go. :( Gary did not really want to go either... but we went. It seemed to just ruin and interfere with my plans.

The next day it was Mother's Day. I lost mom December 2005. I set the table to eat beans and cornbread. I took 3 pieces of chocolate cake. Gary did not want any so I left them with my step-dad.

I did the dishes and while standing at the sink I looked out the kitchen window that my mother had looked out. Looking at the plants coming up that she loved. As I washed dishes I was thinking of her standing at the sink. There was just a sadness in my heart. I was not wanting that feeling at this time and place. Not realizing that the place where the silverware goes in the dish washer... it was broken. The silver ware was falling through and I could not get the dish washer door to close! The more I tried to close the door.. the worse it got!!! I bruised up my hands and arms trying to fix it. I was so upset and my blood pressure was rising!! I was ready to tear the door off of the dish washer! This was just not my plans for the day! Beans usually upset my stomach. Why didn't I just say... No tomorrow is Mother's Day!

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