Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brain tumor

My step-dad had a brain tumor removed in the 80's; it was not cancer. The doctor told him that it could return in 5 years, 20 years, or what ever. I lost my mother December 27th and February 12 my step-dad has his first appointment to check out the brain tumor. He was so hard to deal with. He came first in everything. I told him that I would take him to doctor appointments. He knew that I was not a morning person but yet he would make his appointment for 8:30 in the morning!! I had to take out the 2 miniature horses and feed the animals before I could take him to the doctor. He made it very clear that he no longer even liked me.

The doctor was not in any hurry to remove the tumor. He told him that it was a slow growing tumor. It was not cancer. It had taken 20 years for it to get this big. My step-dad was 78 years old and turned 79 that May. I took him to 20 doctor appointments. He had surgery April 17th. His younger sister came and helped me be with him in the hospital.

I had to be at the hospital at 5:30 A.M. the day of surgery. I was going to be there early this next morning but our big horse, Sam got colic. I had to search for Sam. I could not find him. He was at the front of our property rolling!! Not a good thing! I called the vet and by the time he got here Sam had gone to the east field. We went to look at him. I am five foot 1 and Sam was a huge horse. I had to hold him while the vet checked him. I thought he was going to pull my arm out of socket!! Then the vet had me walk him for 30 minutes to see if that would help. Then he told me to walk him to the west side of the field up to the front property in case he had to put him down. Sam was all scratched up with his hide wore off his eyes, hips, and shoulders. The whole time I was walking him to the front of our property I was crying. I felt like I was taking him on a death walk. The vet checked him and told me that he thought it best to put him down. His intestines were twisted. He might not make the trip to Kansas City and he was over 20 years old. Poor Gus (the burro) knew something was wrong. He would not get out of the way! He would put his nose on Sam's nose. Very touching. I was exhausted and my jeans were soak and wet clear up to my knees because of the heavy dew. It was cold that morning too. I really cried when the vet put him down. It is really traumatic when putting down a horse. They just automatically fall to the ground!! They fall really hard! Seems like they are stiff within minutes. Within minutes the flies are swarming on their eyes and nose. I was the one who had to put our little Welsh mare down too; so husband would not have to miss work.

I got to the hospital around noon. Of course my step-dad didn't seem to think I should be late. He was becoming number 1 in every situation. Three years later and he still thinks he is number one. Someone like this is really hard to deal with. I would be crazy by now if it had not been for the Lord.

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