Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life after death

The last year that my mother was alive... she could not hear that well. At the end she did not like for my daughter and I to come at the same time. She could not hear or understand what was being said... and felt like she was left out of the conversation.

The day that my mother passed away; my daughter and I was going to go see her. She wanted my daughter to come first and me come later. When I arrived my mother was sitting in the bathroom in a kitchen chair... it had rollers on it. She did not know that I was standing behind her. She told my daughter that I did not buy her pajamas at Dillards ... that I had bought them at some other store. I motioned to my daughter that I had bought them at Dillards. On sale of course. My mother had lost water in her legs and she needed some new pajamas!! Her pajama bottoms were soaked. Christmas night her legs were soooo swollen!! She refused to go to the hospital!! I am sure that she must have died from massive heart failure.

Finally I touched mom on the shoulder and she looked up at me... wondering if I had heard what she said about the pajamas. This was December 27th; two days after Christmas. Everyone decided that I was to go to Wal Mart and buy her a pair of pajamas and my step-dad wanted me to go by and pay the electric bill that was due that day. While in Wal Mart my daughter called me on my cell phone and told me that my mother was bad and they had called the ambulance. I laid down the pajamas and ran out of Wal Mart crying with everyone looking at me. I arrived the same time they did. They had put her in the floor and my step-dad was screaming that they were not suppose to resuscitate her... really mean!! I guess him and my daughter had a few words when my daughter was screaming to call 911. This was the wishes of my mother... to not go to the hospital. :(

This is what happened just the short time that I was gone. My mother slumped forward and died after choking. My daughter started screaming and crying while holding on to my mother. My daughter's tears were falling on my mother's hands. My mother came back up and said... "I will see you guys on the next trip." She looked at my daughter and said... "Terry Ann I just can not do this anymore." Then she was gone again. It has been so hard on my daughter being with my mother when she died. My mother told my daughter while I was standing behind her... "Well, in about another 17 years you are going to have to go through this with your mother." I was an only child.

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