Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Singing gospel

Kind of nice to come here and just let my thoughts out. Like a private journal. I just got through recording 3 songs to be played at my aunt's funeral. I learned early on that by doing gospel music.. you must be prepared for anything!

I did a gospel recording in 1986 which opened up doors for me. I never will forget the first time I went to a local church to sing. I was getting around pretty good. This was something new for me. I had all my things organized and just had to get dressed. When I got ready to put on my clothes... I could not find my half slip!! Where did it go!! I swore that I had it laying on the bed. After too much time spent looking for it... I thought I would look UNDER the bed !!! Sure enough... there it was. How did it actually get under the bed? How could it slip off of the bed and then go under it?? Running a little late but still alright. Before I went out the door I thought I would spray some mouth spray in my mouth. It was a small bottle of mouth spray that you carry in your handbag. I sprayed it in my mouth... so I thought!! I sprayed it in my eye!! I had worn contacts that day. Here I am with my eye watering... mascara going down my face... red eye!! What else could possibly go wrong. I got there on time, but needless to say I was a nervous wreck. Everything went smooth after I got there. Thank You Lord.

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