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My mother told me one time that I was religious when I was real little. I asked her why, because we did not go to church. Her answer was that she did not know why. lol Around the age of 2 1/2 my dad's little brother, Jimmy, use to come and visit me. He would put bobby pins or anything in the floor and love to watch me pick them up. I asked mom why he did that. She said he just liked to watch my little fingers pick them up off of the floor. He died at the age of 16. He had a mastoid and they could not do anything for him. Mom said they sent him home to die.

A couple of years before he died, him and a couple of boys crossed the Verdigris River on horses. One of the boy's horse got tangled in wire and he drown. While delirious Jimmy wanted to get up off of the sofa. My grandma would tell him to lay back down. He kept telling her he had to go, the boy who drown was on a white horse, riding around the house, and calling his name.

Not long after, mom and daddy would take me to a movie and I would scream and cry... "My Jesus and my Jimmy is not here!" I asked my mother what they did. She said, "Why it was embarrassing and we would have to leave. People would be looking at us." She did not know why I was doing that. My Granny must have said something to me about Jimmy going to heaven to be with Jesus, because I don't think I could just pull this out of a hat.

It wasn't must longer when the Catholic sister sat beside Granny and I on the bus. Funny how God worked in my life and I was not even aware of it. Books, crayons, pamphlets, and all kinds of religious things mailed to me from the age of 3 to 9 years old. When 9 years old Queenie got run over by the truck. Jesus tells us we must be like a little child believing all things. By letting Queenie live He instilled in me the knowledge that God does answer prayers.

Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard: The master of the vineyard wanted workers, so he went out in the road and asked those idle if they would work in his vineyard for 1 pence. A couple of hours later he saw people still standing in the road, so he went out and asked those standing around if they wanted to work in his vineyard for 1 pence. This continued throughout the day until an hour was left of the day. When it was time to pay, he told them he would pay them starting with the man who was hired last. After a while the ones who had been working all day started to complain because those who only worked an hour, half day, and etc. were getting paid the same as them. The master of the vineyard told them that he had asked them if they would work in his vineyard for 1 pence and they had agreed. He was the master of his vineyard and he could pay whatever he wanted to pay. He also told them that sometimes; those that come last may come first.

Jesus is explaining that there are those that have been Christians all of their life... but there are some that may only be a Christian for an hour. Everyone receives the same. Yes, He does tell of crowns in heaven; for those that are rewarded; but in a different part of the Bible.

He also tells us this: If a man owes much to his master and he tells him he does not owe the debt; and he also tells a man that owes him little; who will love the master the most... the one who owes little or the one who owes much? Jesus is talking about sin.

I feel like God uses broken vessels (us). How do you really know what suffering is like if you have not been through it, divorced, abused, cheated on, and more. What a testimony these people have! God takes all of it away. It takes time but he heals your broken heart and gives peace beyond understanding. I can not explain it; you have to experience it yourself. He helps you to let go of all this GARBAGE that you are carrying around. I don't need a shrink ... I need Jesus. I don't have all the answers... but He does.

I have often thought about the men that Jesus chose to be his disciples. I can just see Peter on the ship with the men. I wonder what his language was like when Jesus saw him? Peter cut a man's ear off when they arrested Jesus. Jesus replaced the man's ear. Peter denied Him three times. They all hid after Jesus was arrested. Jesus knew when He was going to be arrested. He asked them to keep watch. The disciples were sleeping. Jesus even woke them, but they still slept. Even so he loved them enough to die for them. He even asked His Father if He would take this cup from Him. Jesus tells us... there is none without sin, all have fallen short of the glory of God. The Lord knocks on our heart's door. He will do it for a while but then moves on. He knows us better than we know ourselves. No one is perfect enough. He accepts us just like we are!! I remember traveling one time driving down a hi-way in a thick fog. I could not see 2 feet in front of me. It was sooo scary! Well that is what life is without Jesus Christ. My dad was 63 years old when he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Just a few seconds before closing his eyes forever... he said this: "Well, Jesus that is You." My grandpa died when my mother was 7 weeks old. He told my Granny that the angels were on the walls and they were coming to get him. Keep a watchful eye because He comes like a thief in the middle of the night.

Many blessings. All are in my prayers. God Bless, JanieWritten by

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carouselqueen708/25/08 6:44 AM
Thank you for sharing that Janie. That was so beautiful. It really helped me this morning to have a better look at life. ya, Christine
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lv2trnscrb8/21/08 10:06 PM
this was a beautiful entry, Janie, and so true!! the Lord allows us to go through the things we go through, but he does heal our brokenness and creates in us someone who can be used by him. I know some of the things I have gone through, I've been able to help others go through similar things, like people who went through it before me helped me get through things; I am glad for the things I've been through (although its hard to get through them at times) because it has brought me closer to Him.what a beautiful little girl you were!! thanks for sharing this betty
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8/21/08 8:34 PM
Janie, What a beautiful little girl you were !!!!!!! Hugs Lisa
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jhorky8/21/08 8:52 AM
I come in here and sometimes listen to the music and before you know it I am so ca=aught up in ot, I don't leave a comment. Sorry Lucy
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8/21/08 7:51 AM
I loved reading this today Janie. I can use a big dose of what Jesus wants us to be doing!!! Thank you so much for shairn gna d taking the time to spread His wrods. Its so important! Many blessings-Amanda

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