Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is happiness?

As I am sitting here tonight just doing some thinking. What do I expect from life to make me happy? As I sit and ponder on my life I can see so many blessings that I just take for granted each day. Does the Lord tell me that His way is straight and narrow? If I'm heavy laden to take His yoke. What do I think I am entitled to each day? Am I suppose to have a day of PERFECT peace when there is a world of others hurting and hungry? Am I grateful for each blessing in my life? Do I sit and dwell upon the things that people say or do..... or do I brush myself off, GIVE it to the Lord, and continue the day? Pray for ALL things..... BIG and small. Keeping God close to my side throughout the day is the assurance of peace. Keep my mind on Him. Why do I want to take the speck out of my brother's eye when I have a log in my own? He is the great healer. Nothing is impossible with God. Do I put limits on God? I can speak to God anytime or anyplace. He can hear just a whisper... and just a thought. Talking to Him through my thoughts not just when I am on bended knees.

Father, tonight I just want to thank you for all the many blessings that you have given me. Many things I take for granted. Thank you for my children. Thank you for making me in Your Image. Awwww the beauty of nature and animals! What an amazing God You are! All the beautiful things that You have given me FREE. I know that my future is in Your hands. I trust my life with you Father. Thank You so much for my eyes to see the beautiful things that You created. Thank You for the talents that You have given me. Please have mercy on me for the things that I do that make You unhappy. Father lead and guide me. Father help me to reach others to know You. Father thank You for giving Your Son to free me from my sins. Amen


Amanda said...

These were some really thoughtprovoking questions Janie!! Something I am definteily going to think a lot more about..

Many blessings to you!

Linda :) said...