Thursday, January 15, 2009

Planting a seed

Back when I was divorced, single, and singing in night clubs; my mother was giving church parties at her house. She would watch my 2 oldest children. One night I took the kids to her house and she said: "Janie, I want you to listen to this song." That song really got to me but there was no way that I would let her know that. Some young guy sang "Thanks To Calvary".

The Lord even supplied a young couple across the street from where I lived to take my children to church on Wednesday nights. I remember the neighbor's younger brother coming to talk to me one night. He had no idea that I was really close to accepting the Lord. The neighbor played a guitar. Not real good but played cords. He asked me to sing one night at their church. Oh man! I went and did I ever feel like a Jezebel. lol I was really not that bad of person but I had not accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. The Bible lesson last week said that we are born with that desire. I feel like I was.

My mother planted a seed when she had me listen to that song. I feel like the Lord knows when, where, and how we will accept Him. I feel like many times we have to be down soooo low that the only thing that we can do it LOOK UP. I did not accept Christ until about 3 years after hearing that song. I went to church with my mother and requested for the young man to sing that song. Little did I know at that time that 11 years later I would be able to do a gospel recording with the name "Thanks To Calvary" by Janie Marie.

Below is the link of me singing Thanks To Calvary:

Thanks To Calvary

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Randy said...

Hello Miss Janie,

Such a great entry and God is always there waiting to reap that harvest from those seeds. Really Great entry.