Friday, February 27, 2009

Years of yesterday

My Granny use to say that before you die you live your life all over again. How I find these words so true as I get older. Many times thoughts run rampant through my mind when I least expect it. lol Sometimes I don't even know what triggers these thoughts. lol

About a week ago when I first got up I started thinking about the time that my Grandma and Grandpa took Sharon (my aunt 1 week younger than I) to the rodeo. Sharon and I had been upstairs looking through old clothes in boxes. We tried a lot of them on. As I pondered on that thought the other day... I was thinking... Oh my goodness it is a wonder that we did not get bit by a brown recluse spider! No one slept upstairs since Sharon was the only child living with Grandma and Grandpa.

I could still remember the excitement that we had getting to go to the rodeo. In many ways I was mature; but I guess I could say that I was very naive and sheltered. I admired all of my aunts and my uncle that ranged from the age of 5 to 15 years older than I. I thought they were all great. I think a lot of youth looks up to older siblings and relatives. I found just what I was wanting to wear! WooHoo! It was a western suit that my Uncle Don wore (hard telling how long ago and hard telling where he went in that suit hehehe) Of course it was too long for me! We found something for Sharon to wear... can not remember what it was now. We went down stairs and showed Grandma what we were going to wear to the rodeo. Grandma was lenient and tried to tell us that we should not wear what we had chosen. Of course I was the "big duck in the puddle" and persuaded Grandma to let us wear them. I remember taking thread and needle to the pants to hem them. I can just imagine what they looked like! lol Sharon and I went to the rodeo with Grandma and Grandpa. I remember being warm in the long sleeve shirt that I had chosen. lol

As I sat and thought about it the other day.... I could not help but laugh and shake my head. I bet we both looked like the clowns at the rodeo. I was too young to notice anyone looking at us. Being young and without worry or fear; the days of yesterday.

Wishing everyone a bless year. God Bless, Janie

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